Monday, January 31, 2011


Wow!  I don't think in the history of making my menus I have ever NOT made one single thing on my menu that week.  That is just impressive.  So, really, I could just use last weeks menu as this weeks and be good.  But I did make a menu for this week.  I had to change things around a bit.  I have some groceries I need to use up. it is!

Sunday- Baked Ziti and garlic herb rolls

Monday- Spicy chicken fingers with Crash Hot Potatoes

Tuesday- Breakfast Burritos

Wednesday-  Rice and Meatsauce

Thursday-  Pork Chops and baked potatoes with asparagus

Friday-  Leftovers

Saturday-  Canadian Bacon Pizza Bites

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Getting Better

Well, this week we did alright on the menu.  We mostly ate what was on the menu, but not really on the days I thought we would.  But, I like to be flexible like that.  We'll have a couple holdovers from last week this week.  I haven't been to the store at all in a whole week.  That means I didn't spend anymore on groceries.  That means this menu thing is saving me some money.  I think I'll keep at it. 

Here it goes for next week.

Jan 23-29

Sunday- Chicken enchiladas (it just didn't happen this week)

Monday- Homemade (spicy?) Chicken strips and fries 

Tuesday- Pizza and breadsticks (maybe calzones, maybe pizza bites...but it will be pizza ish)

Wednesday- Leftovers

Thursday- Pork chops and scalloped potatoes

Friday- Spaghetti and rolls

Saturday- Nachos looks pretty boring this week.  Good thing we aren't having any visitors. 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bountiful Baskets

We tried out a new thing this week called Bountiful Baskets.  It's a food co-op available in several of the Western States.  Colorado doesn't have as good of a selection and only a few pick up locations, but it seems like a good deal. 

For $15 we got:

2 lb carrots
1 bunch of lg asparagus
1 acorn squash
3 zucchini
4 cucumbers
4 lg yellow onions
4 grapefruit
6 Japanese pears
6 Fuji apples
12 oranges

Dave and Christian dug into the box as soon as we got home.  I guess they were happy to have some fresh fruits and veggies to eat.  So far it seems to be of good quality, so I guess we'll try it again and see how we like it.   I'm excited to see what the box looks like in Spring and Summer.  I am jealous of some of the other states that have the option to buy organic as well as other extra options.  Oh well...maybe CO will be lucky to have that some day, too. 


Reality is....I stink at sticking to menus.  I have the best of intentions, but I just don't do well.  Oh well.  I'm still going to make them, because even 50% is better than nothing.  Plus it really, really helps cut down on wasting food and our food budget.

Here is our menu for Jan 16-22

Sunday- Chili and cornbread

Monday- Hamburgers and homemade grilled potato chips
    (grilled potatoes are new...we'll see if it tastes as good as it sounds in my head.)

Tuesday-  Breakfast burritos

Wednesday- Chicken enchiladas

Thursday-  4 cheese stuffed shells, meatballs

Friday-  Leftovers

Saturday-  Rice and Meatsauce

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Starting Fresh! Maybe...

I can't guarantee this blog will get updated as often.  I'm lazy about cooking these days.  I'll probably post sporadically.  But it was sorta fun looking back at what I ate a year ago. 

Anyway, I was thinking about posting a menu for this week..a little late in the week, but it's better than nothing.

Jan 6-12

Sunday- Spaghetti and kielbasa

Monday-  Pizza Bites

Tuesday- Took a friend out to dinner

Wednesday-  Navajo tacos

Thursday-  Tortellini Sausage Soup

Friday- Leftovers

Saturday-  Rice and meatsauce

I even made devils food cupcakes this week, but I tried a new frosting recipe and it was a big disaster, so I bought frosting to use.  It still tastes yummy.