Sunday, February 14, 2010


Feb 7-13

Well, getting sick always changes things up a bit.  I am having a hard time getting back up and running full speed.  Even half speed would feel like an accomplishment.  So, here is what really happened last week.  It was quite pitiful, really.  

 Sunday-  Dave and Christian went to the In-Laws for the Superbowl gathering while I laid on the couch in a half daze wondering if I could take more medicine yet.  I happily ate some leftovers Dave brought home for me. 

Monday-  I attempted to make the Pizza Hut pizza, but let's just say it was a flop.  So, Dave stopped at Chipotle on his way home.  It was YUMMY! 

Tuesday-  I was angry that the pizza didn't work out.  I stewed about it all night and lost sleep over it.  So, I made it for lunch.  It was DELICIOUS!  I made a 9x13 pizza and a 9 in round of cheesy breadsticks.  We had friends over for lunch and they liked it too.  And I ate leftovers for lunch the next day, yumm.  It wasn't a perfect copy of Pizza Hut pizza, but I liked it better.  We'll definitely have this in our regular rotation!

For dinner we had breakfast burritos.  On Monday night we got burrito bowls with tortillas on the side and saved the tortillas for our breakfast burritos.  Yummy!  I wish I could figure out how to make just enough filling.  We always have too much and none of us like it as leftovers.  So, we just toss it.  Sad!

Wednesday-  Leftovers

Thursday-  ??  I'm not sure if any of us ate...we've all not been feeling well.

Friday-  Hamburgers

Saturday- My best friend invited us over for dinner, but I stayed home and sent the boys.  I just don't see how I'm still SO sick and Dave and Christian are just fine.  I'm sure being pregnant might have something to do with it.  Dave came home with a bunch of soup and said it was super delicious.  I'm sure he'll want me to make it soon.  Thanks, Miranda, for helping me out so I didn't have to cook!!